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Millennium Bash 2000

The foundation of - Rachna Work Group - was laid in the midst
of an Aura of Team-Spirit, when the employees and the management
perceived the existence of a rhythmic relationship between each other.

" Working As A Team " - being one of the basic concepts of the company,
it was felt that a Work Group would act as a strong link
between the employees and the management,
bringing both closer to each other and
helping in the formation of a strong family like bond.

It has always been believed and preached by the management that -
Together, one is Strong. As a team, one can defy difficulties.
As a group, one can stabilize pressure.

The Companies Management along with its MTs
form the members of the RWG.
RWG consists of MTs/Editors/Proof Readers/ Quality Checkers,
who are professionally trained for a sufficient long duration
at our facility by specially designed and developed training course.

It has been found that the MTs trained at mtGurucool have shown far more
versatility, depth & sound approach in handling varieties of Medical Files.

It is a cohesive group,
ever ready to participate in solving problems and
help each other in the spirit of a group-activity.

The group members work with a sense of dedication to the work and the organization.
In fact they have developed a sense of belonging to the organization
rather that the routine job oriented non-involvement attitude.
This has become possible largely due to the
human-values-based practice of the Management
and also the personal involvement of Mr. Rajesh ( Director - Operations ).

Apart from many different programs that are organized by the work group members,
one of the 'most looked forward to' activity is when we celebrate Birthdays of all the Members.

Some snaps of these activities are provided as small images.
Click on the small images for an enlarged view.

We hope you enjoy viewing these snaps.

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Picnic at the Tiger Caves next to the seashore.

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rachna1stannv.jpg (20820 bytes)
DO receiving the memento
at the 1st Anniversary party
rachna2ndannv.jpg (31124 bytes)

Cake at the
2nd Anniversary party

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