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Welcome to the interesting and challenging world of Medical Transcription

Students receive instructions in the following areas:

  • Medical Part:  Medical Language/Terminology, Laboratory Medicine, Human
    Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Medical Science/ Human Disease Processes,
    Referencing Skills, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Endocrine, Cardiovascular,
    Lymphatic, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Reproductive, Human Development etc.
    Reading & interpreting Medical records, Abbreviations.

  • Training on various Word Processors combined with Typing and Media Players.

  • Getting familiar with the American English accent.

  • American Drug Names.

  • Sound file transcribing. Transcribing authentic Physician Dictations, including
    Office Visit notes in various formats, Letters, Initial Office Evaluations, History and
    Physicals, Consultations, Emergency Reports, Discharge Summaries etc.

About Our Training Program

mtGurucool was started when we realized that the training, the Medical
Transcriptionists (MTs) were receiving at other institutes, was totally inadequate.
An applicant, coming in for an interview, would do fine until the transcription
test. On transcribing a few lines of the Medical Sound File, they would either
leave without telling or leave telling that they would be back later.
Still others would say, " I thought transcribing was easy, one just types what
one hears, but it's not like that. " This was the reason for putting together a
program offering
We intend to train our students with the best, at a slow and steady pace.
Students are provided with the BEST reference materials coupled with
personal attention and comfortable atmosphere.

What Makes Our Training Program - Effective

We get close to the students and help them succeed in a new career as a MT. Our
personal attention and ability to modify the program to meet the needs of each and every
student is one reason for their success. We let our students know when their educational
pace is unreasonably slow or if they are attempting to cover material so fast that their
skills will not be up to the mark. We have studied the education and training other MTs
receive. We closely evaluated these findings and designed a program that uses the
best and eliminates time wasting material that add little or nothing to On-The-Job
success. Effective education and training allows students to get on the live job quickly
and start using their skills more effectively.

Who Is Eligible To Join The Training Program

Any Fresh Graduate ( from various Medical Fields )
who loves reading, enjoys puzzles,
keeps update on the words and their meaning, enjoys
literature, is good in English, can punctuate ungrammatical
sentences and badly spoken English, has some basic
computer skills and has a genuine interest in the Medical Field.

An eligible MT student is one who is good in English
language proficiency. One who feels comfortable with the
Medical Terminology. Who is tactful & smart, with good
concentration and listening capabilities. Having a very
professional attitude. Ever ready to work under pressure.
Who is calm and patient.

How Long Does It Take

We at mtGurucool have designed a special training program of 6 months. On completion of the intensive
and in depth training, the students are on the job, using their new MT skills. Keyboard speed and
communication skills, allocated study time and motivation, all together determine how long one takes.
However, that's not the end of the story. Students must participate in a continuous Quality Medical
Education throughout their career. There is always more to learn in the exciting and ever-changing
field of Medical Transcription. Our shorter, "no-nonsense" Medical Transcription program produces MTs
who are able to get started quickly in a rewarding career as a Medical Transcriptionist. We believe that
simply "putting in time" does not make one a MT. Knowing a lot of Medical Terms is not enough.
Successful MT training results from a combination of Knowledge, Skills and Effective Transcription
Experience with careful Assessment and Evaluation by Professional and Caring Instructors.
Throughout the training, our instructors identify those students who have in-built skills and others who
require more attention. Medical Reports are Quality Checked with regular audits performed on each MT's
work performance and accuracy level. Sound Ethics and high Quality play a very important role. Quality
Medical Transcription is exciting and rewarding.  It is to be noted that when one finishes the training
program, one cannot actually be as good as the " professionals "  who have been doing quality work for
many years. These highly experienced Transcriptionists/ Editors/ Quality Checkers have
developed their knowledge and skills into the kind of expertise only hard work and time can achieve.


   Employment Values   


Knows the institution's mission, vision, and values, and communicates the same to the staff. Directs,
monitors, evaluates, and makes recommendations for continuous quality improvement. Establishes a
team-oriented, efficient, and effective work group. Handles difficult and sensitive situations tactfully and
responsibly. Prepares and analyzes department statistics as required

    Human Resource Manager    

Recruits, supervises, supports, and evaluates the staff. Disciplines the staff and participates in termination
when necessary. Promotes and provides opportunities for professional development and continuing
education. Identifies and appropriately resolves conflicts. Promotes and facilitates individual participation
towards group efforts and decisions. Elicits MTs input before making decisions on purchasing equipment,
educational products, and reference materials. Provides appropriate orientation, job training and
performance expectations. Performs the above in consultation and conjunction with the organization's
human resources department, as appropriate or as required by the organization's policies.

   Experienced Medical Transcriptionist   

An Experienced MT is one who possesses leadership capabilities. Who remains informed about new
developments in MT technology, processes, styles, and practices. When requested, listens to dictation
and offers the MTs - editorial guidance, applying knowledge of English and Medical Language, style,
and practices. Identifies the need for and facilitates continuing education for staff. Identifies & provides
appropriate resources for staff efficiency. Identifies, plans, develops, implements & enforces professional
practice standards. Assigns work according to department policies. Knows how to operate
Dictation and Transcription Equipment and troubleshoots problems. Maintains systems security.

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