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Rachna Transcriptions Private Limited (RTPL) provides you with the ability to keep up
with your growing clientele, without all the expensive office space and equipment.
No time, money or frustration spent training new employees.
No social security taxes, health / life insurance,
worker's compensation paper work hassles.
With us there is no sick / holiday or vacation pay.
No more temporary worker recruitment's for your overloads.
We have the facility to take care of all these.
You pay for the transcription only.

At Rachna we provide Accurate & Confidential
transcription services, at a competitive cost. Our high Quality transcription
services will satisfy
all your transcription needs. Different turn around
time options are available to suit your transcription requirements.

The variety of files done by us are: Discharge Summary, Death Summary,
Progress Notes, Clinical Notes, Emergency Notes, History & Physical, Radiology,
Consultation Reports,  Office Visits, Physician Letters, Psychiatry Reports  etc.

    Confidentiality & Security   

High security of patient data is maintained.
Patient data is stored in secure password-protected location.

We are fully committed to our clients and understand the concern they
have regarding these issues. As Medical Record Keepers,
we maintain the highest level of confidentiality that is required.

All our work is done without the patient records
ever leaving our office, and all of our back-up materials
are kept in Secured Fire Proof Lockers.


File transfer from our clients to us is done using FTP method.
We have our own dedicated secure FTP servers in USA.
One of the factors that make our FTP servers so reliable is the fact that
all our servers are housed at Exodus. The cream of Web aristocracy like
Yahoo, Merrill Lynch, Lycos and Hotmail are housed here.
Exodus, is the largest data center in the world and also one of the most secure.

    Hardware / Software   

Hardware used for Transcription include Upper-end Pentium PCs equipped with high capacity hard drives,
large memory, good quality sound cards and expensive State-Of-Art headphones.

Software's used include - Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary along with
the entire range of Stedman's books, American Drug Index, Microsoft
Word of MS Office 97/98 and 2000, WordPerfect 9. Sound / Media
Players and converters such as GoldWave, Windows Media Player,
DVIPS, WinAmp, MSV, ICS, DVF, DSS and PC Dart PlayAll,
allowing adjustment of pitch and speed, for more accurate transcription.
All the computers are Y2K compliant and Norton Antivirus 2002 protected.
Through secure servers, files can be transferred / downloaded using
FTP software through High-Speed Internet Connections.

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