BASH 2000


Rachna Work Groups most remembered function was the Millennium Bash
2000. The group along with the management organized a party to welcome
the new millennium. The day started with a prayer song by Vijay
(the companies official Holy person). The program for the day was as follows:
(1) Classical & Film Songs by Dinesh (the companies official singing person),
(2) Dumb Charade, (3) Ad Zap, (4) Gents - Bindi Special, (5) Passing
the Bowl, (6) Mimicry and (7) Musical Chair.

In appreciation for the arrangement of the program, the staff members of the
RWG, presented a Souvenir to the management.

A grand Lunch was arranged at noon. The menu consisted of traditional North
Indian dishes. Sweets consisted of: Rus Malai (a Bengali sweet) & Cashew Pista
Roll (a Gujarati sweet). Savories consisted of: Mini Samosa & Mini Pizza. The
main course consisted of Nan (a Punjabi Bread) with Puris (a Gujarati Bread)
along with Punjabi vegetables such as - Mixed Vegetable Koftas, Panner
Butter Masala and Mix Vegetable Kurma. There were two varieties of rice -
Vegetable rice with Papad and Curd rice with Lemon Pickles.

The day ended with the Disco Party with full sound blast music.

Some of the snaps of the function are provided as thumbnails. Click on the
snaps to view them enlarged.

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