Aussie Scientists
manage to


... beam us up Scotty style...

SCIENTISTS WORKING in Australia have "beamed up" a radio signal, in the manner of Captain Kirk.

Scientists at the Australian National University in Canberra say they have been able to teleport a laser beam
from one part of their lab to another. The scientists embedded a radio signal into a laser beam, then disintegrated the beam
and reassembled it a meter away virtually instantaneously. They say the laser beam was destroyed
in the teleportation process, but the radio signal survived.

The group of researchers led by physicist Ping Koy Lam have used quantum entanglement - a phenomenon
that links two light photons created at the same time - to induce the changes affected on one photon in another a meter away.

Ping Koy Lam disassembled laser light at one end of an optical communications system and recreated a replica
elsewhere in his lab. The laser beam didn't survive transportation, but its encoded message did.

Dr Lam told the BBC: "What we have demonstrated here is that we can take billions of photons,
destroy them simultaneously, and then recreate them in another place."

He reckons the system could be used to transport secure data. "It should be possible," he says
"to construct a perfect cryptography system. When two parties want to communicate with one another,
we can enable the secrecy of the communication to be absolutely perfect."

While transporting data may be possible, Lam reckons beaming humans to and fro is still some way off.

What is Teleportation ?

The conveyance of persons (esp. of oneself) or things by
psychic power; also in futuristic description, apparently
instantaneous transportation of persons, etc., across
space by advanced technological means.

Probably the best known example is the Star Trek ‘Transporter’.

When it comes to the real thing, teleportation means:

1) Measurement of the input "state", followed by

2) Disembodied transport of the state, and then

3) Perfect reconstruction in every detail.

It is not:

1) Instantaneous or faster than light

2) Easy


What are the philosophical implications of teleporting?

By definition the reproduction is perfect.

Does this mean there are two brains with the same thoughts?

Should the laws of physics allow this?

Why is teleporting hard?

If you want to teleport an atom, all you need to do is measure the position and the momentum simultaneously.

But, you can not know momentum and position at the same time - IT IS NOT ALLOWED!

This actually solves the brain paradox. If you made perfect copies of an object (eg. George W.) you could
then measure the position and momentum
simultaneously. But this is not allowed.
Quantum mechanics does not let you ‘clone’.

How can it be done (really)?

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